Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home and "The Challenge" Week1

So, I'm back!
Traveling is good for the soul I tell ya. Everyone should try and take some time out and discover what this world has to offer, it will blow you away and leave a permanent smile on your face. I will be posting pictures of my travels/jewelry inspirations through out the upcoming weeks as well as embarking on a new challenge. This challenge will be "THE"...hmmm, I'll get back to the name later, but it will motivate me to create more and share my progress with you guys as often as I can.

Oh, Got it! I will call it "Fifty in 50"
Fifty designs in 50 weeks

No matter how big or small the project is I will announce it and post updates through out my progress.
This will be fun, it will keep me on my toes for sure and get my creative juices flowing.

Since this is Dienstag/Tuesday there is no better time than to start now!

This necklace actually started with disaster!
This culprit here knocked over all my feathers. Grrrrr!

Not all were damaged but in order to save some of the tangled ones i had to cut the ends off and that action birthed this beauty...

Fifty in 50: Week 1 Black Peacock necklace
 It has a leather backing to preserve the integrity of the feather while also giving durability.

Who says feathers are only for summer!?