Tuesday, May 17, 2011

D.I.Y Monday: Glass Jar Moroccan Lanterns

I saw this and plotzed! How cute are these?
On one of my favorite blogs Design*Sponge has the best ideas and D.I.Y. tutorials.
Here are the photos and the full tutorial is located here.

  • old glass jars (spaghetti jars, jam jars or any plain glass jar will work)
  • gold dimensional puff paint
  • glass paint (Delta or Pebeo Vitrea glass paint are great options)
  • paintbrush
  • wire (optional, for hanging lanterns)


Full tutorial is located here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

D.I.Y Monday: Mothers Day Cards

I loathe spending $4+ for a card every card buying holiday, so I make them. I found a free pattern online at easycutpopup.com, downloaded the pdf file and that's how it started.

Card Stock Paper
Downloaded Pattern
X-acto Knife
Embossing Powder (optional)
Heating tool
Fine Point Marker
Blank card and Envelope

Below are the cards I sent out this past week.

Used embossing powder to the illustrated roses.
I would have created it digitally but you can buy those kinds of cards anywhere. I wanted to take it back to Elementary school (lol) with the idea it took time, creativity and lots of love.  This style of card can be used for birthdays, anniversarys, sympathy, get well any occasion where you would usually send flowers.

I hope all mothers enjoyed their day of love and appreciation.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fifty in 50: Key Chains.

Ok, so no more catch up I am just going to do this until I reach 50. LOL!
I have been experimenting with Gift with Purchase ideas and I decided to fiddle around with key chains. I know most people do not like having these bulky key chains so I figured...why not make it small yet stands out with a touch of leathery flair.

These are my first round pieces that I've made. There are some materials I need to purchase and some design things I need to tweak before I add the final touches.
Stay tuned....

D.I.Y Mondays: 'P.S.- I Made This' Upholstry Trim Necklace

There are tons of ideas in this book 'P.S.---I Made This' I saw it the other day at the book store and wanted to pick it up but did some investigative work and found most of the tutorials are on line. I found this one at www.refinery29.com. I would still recommend purchasing the book there are some crafty pieces in there.

I simply love this idea, its inexpensive and you can have a piece that looks like it came off the runway.
 Enjoy the tutorial and list of supplies at refinery29.com  

!!Happy Monday!!!