Monday, March 28, 2011

Summer/Fall Sneak Peek!!!

Ok, this season I decided to implement a new system!  This will eliminate all wasted time trying to put together random pieces last minute and call it a collection. I have created story boards with colorways to help me stay focused and portray a certain image while creating my line. I love neutral colors so the creative process is just flowing like water.
This season will have metallics, shades and tones of turquoise/blues, greens and orange. With some added sass and class. haha, I like that!

The chained pewter "snake skin" earrings makes me want to get dressed up and go out!  Haha! You know I had to throw in some nautical love, that trend can not be ignored.


I love neutral colors, my Fall portion of this collection is coming along a lot faster than my Summer. Either way I am in love with this collection and my story board and colors are definitely pointing me in the right direction.