Monday, February 14, 2011

Fifty in 50: Week 7, 8+9

Ok its time for catch up!

Starting where I left off at week 4, 5+6 using the same shapes from the bib necklace. I played around with cropping the painted design giving these earrings a  very earthy bohemian vibe. The pieces below are made of tumbled leather hand painted with acrylic and a sealent to protect the design from the "elements".

Through out the process I was inspired by the art work alone, it reminded me of a kind of lace.
Now that I have lace on my mind these beauties just made themselves. I imagined having strips of lace and what I would do with them. I adore the orange and green leather combined with this idea of overlaying an off white lace. So instead of going in that direction of using lace and resin. I decided to paint on my design but tweaking it to resemble torn fabric. What I love is that no earring is exactly the same, they are individual pieces that comes in a pair.  There is also a contrast in texture this particular design. I sealed only the painted area giving it a shine while the unpainted section (depending on the leather) has a rough or matte appearance. 

I had a lot of fun making theses babies...
Yes, they are my babies. LOL 
They are ALL MY BABIES!!! ...mmeeoooaaaa- aaaaah- ahhh.