Monday, May 9, 2011

D.I.Y Monday: Mothers Day Cards

I loathe spending $4+ for a card every card buying holiday, so I make them. I found a free pattern online at, downloaded the pdf file and that's how it started.

Card Stock Paper
Downloaded Pattern
X-acto Knife
Embossing Powder (optional)
Heating tool
Fine Point Marker
Blank card and Envelope

Below are the cards I sent out this past week.

Used embossing powder to the illustrated roses.
I would have created it digitally but you can buy those kinds of cards anywhere. I wanted to take it back to Elementary school (lol) with the idea it took time, creativity and lots of love.  This style of card can be used for birthdays, anniversarys, sympathy, get well any occasion where you would usually send flowers.

I hope all mothers enjoyed their day of love and appreciation.

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