Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fifty in 50: Week 4+5

Inspired by Week 2 I came up with this sketch.

This will take more than a week to complete so I will continually add updates to this post.

Im very excited about this one.
Stay tuned!

**UPDATE** 10/25
All the leather and copper wire pieces to create the bib necklace have been cut and manipulated. the copper pieces on the biggest leaf didn't work for me so I decided to either etch a motif on them or use paint. All the pieces are free and I have not connected them yet because I would like to add a treatment to the metal.
The treatments I like most are...
1. darken the metal to give an antique look.
2. patina finish to give a tarnished aged feel.

hmmmm, what to do?

**UPDATE** 10/30
So, I didn't like the copper with the taupe leather so I found another color that worked a lot better. Doesn't the copper just POP! The leather is green with an iridescent finish, so at a certain angle it looks like a royal blue or teal. I love it.

Here is what it looks like when its done but with out the chain.

I also did one with gray and silver

I am also thinking about adding little earring post that could be purchased as a set.

There is more to come, I need to complete the taupe piece that I started with.
This project is a lot of fun and work. The part where I have to sew the pieces together with wire is very tedious but the final product is exactly what I envisioned.
I love when a plan comes together :)
**UPDATE** 11/1
After a long debate (with myself) and many errors, I painted a design and I LOVE the outcome. The detail does not over power the other elements so the design stays classy with out leaning towards gaudiness. Yay! Final pics to come.

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