Monday, October 25, 2010

Inspirations: Barcelona, Spain

I would wake up and go straight to the balcony and just take it all in.
Since I have returned to my studio cove (I will explain in a later post) I've had an urge to incorporate more wire/metal as a major design element. Why, might you ask? Barcelona is the answer. With the Sagrada Familia to my right and a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea in the distance, this is what I saw everyday for 12 days during my stay there. I felt no matter where I was the sea had a huge influence on the architecture and layout of this mesmerizing city.

National Museum of Art of Catalunya
A trip to the National Museum of Art of Catalunya sealed the deal for me and further influenced my ideas of what wearable art means to me.There was some Piccaso, Dali and Gauguin OH MY!
Seeing all the Romanesque and Medieval art work, I noticed they used lots of golds and rich powerful colors and that really made an impression on me as well as all the fine details. I could have stared at the paintings, metal work and sculptures all day. My jewelry has taken on the organic shapes of the architecture and the richness and metal work of its art. Thank you Barcelona!

Look at all the lace detail.

View from the museum
 Oh Food, I love to eat so I have to share one of my favorite meals I had there.Yummm.
Salmon and shrimp perfectly seasoned with crusty bread and a light squeeze of lemon. You can't tell me that doesn't look good.

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